Felony Motor Vehicle Theft Dismissed

CARROLL COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT: We are happy that our client's felony motor vehicle theft charge was dismissed by the state today. At the initial bail hearing, Attorney O'Keefe argued there was not probable cause to substantiate the charge and detain our client. While the judge ultimately decided there was probable cause at the initial hearing, Attorney Reis advocated for the ultimate and just result: a dismissal, which occurred today (March 19, 2021).

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Kevin O'Keefe has represented thousands of clients in all areas of criminal law. Before establishing Reis & O'Keefe, Kevin was an attorney with the New Hampshire Public Defender.
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James Reis started out at the New Hampshire Public Defender in 2000. Throughout the years, Jim has steadfastly protected the rights of nearly four thousand clients.
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Investigator and paralegal Lisa Greenwaldt has worked tirelessly for the last 23 years in indigent criminal defense at both the New Hampshire Public Defender (NHPD) and with the Conflict Case Administration (CCA). She is intimately familiar with the…
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