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Below is a small sample of criminal defense cases we have handled. Reis & O'Keefe are proud to have achieved positive outcomes for so many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any case depends on its unique facts and circumstances. No lawyer can guarantee future results based on past successes they have achieved.  All case listed below are from October 2019 through present day, results prior to the formation of our firm are not included.

Charges: DWI, Felony Possession of A Controlled Drug, Transporting Drugs in Motor Vehicle

We are very pleased that, after selecting a jury, 3 out of 4 charges, including the DWI, were dismissed and our Client was neither placed in jail nor on probation. The Client was able to keep his job, keep his license, and avoid a felony conviction.

Charges: Conduct After Accident and Operating After Suspension

Attorney O'Keefe's Client was charged with two Class A misdemeanors involving a car accident on Route 95 that resulted in property damage. We are pleased that one charge was dismissed and Attorney O'Keefe was able to negotiate a sentence on the other charge of a suspended fine conditioned upon payment of restitution.

Charges: Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault (Three Counts), Second Degree Assault (Two Counts), Domestic Violence (Two Counts)

We are very pleased that after trial, the jury found our Client not guilty of five of the six charges. On the remaining charge, the jury deadlocked, and the prosecutor decided to enter a nolle prosequi to the remaining charge. Our Client was able to return to life as it was before the allegations were made.

Felony Charge Dismissed: Receiving Stolen Property

Attorney O'Keefe's Client was charged with felony receiving stolen property in the Rockingham County Superior Court. Through negotiation, the Client's felony charge was dismissed and the Client received a deferred jail sentence on a misdemeanor charge, conditioned upon performance of community service and good behavior.

Charge: Felony Possession of A Controlled Drug

We are pleased that the Court granted our motion to suppress based on an unlawful pat-frisk. Our Client’s charges were dismissed pursuant to the Court’s order.

Charge: First Degree Assault

We are very pleased that after a great deal of investigation in the early stages of the case, we were able to convince the prosecutor to submit evidence of our Client’s claim of self-defense to the grand jury. Given the information presented, the grand jury declined to indict our Client, and the prosecutor entered a nolle prosequi.

Charge: Aggravated DWI

We are very pleased that we were able to negotiate a First Offense DWI for a Client initially charged with Aggravated DWI. Through straightforward negotiation, we were able to ensure our Client did not face the Aggravated DWI mandatory minimums, including incarceration and an 18-month loss of license. The Client’s administrative license suspension was also withdrawn by agreement.

Charge: Felony Aggravated DWI

We are very pleased that, in this case that involved serious bodily injury, we were able to negotiate a First Offense DWI with only the minimum mandatory sentence. Our Client was able to avoid a felony conviction, placement on probation, and any incarceration.

Negligent Homicide Dismissed for Misdemeanor via Negotiation

We are pleased that Attorney O'Keefe negotiated a dismissal of his Client's Class B felony negligent homicide charge. The Client agreed to instead plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge, serve 3 days in jail, and perform community service.

Charge: Domestic Violence Simple Assault, Obstructing Report of Crime

We are very pleased that our Client’s charges were dismissed on the day of trial and he was eligible to annul the arrest immediately.

Charges: Criminal Threatening (Two Counts), Second Degree Assault, Simple Assault (Three Counts)

We are very pleased that, after selecting a jury and cross examining several of the prosecution’s witnesses, the prosecutor agreed to enter a nolle prosequi to all of the charges in exchange for a plea to one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct and one other unrelated charge that was scheduled for trial in the future. Our Client was able to avoid any incarceration.

Charge: Felony Possession of A Controlled Drug

We filed a motion to suppress the drugs arguing that the traffic stop was impermissibly expanded without reasonable suspicion. We are pleased that our Client was able to resolve their felony drug possession case as a misdemeanor without being placed in jail or on probation.

Charge: Possession of Controlled Drug with Intent to Distribute

We are very pleased that the Court granted our motion to suppress based upon an illegal pat-frisk and an unconstitutional expansion of the initial seizure. The charges were later dismissed as a result of the Court’s order.

Charge: Felony Receiving Stolen Property

We are pleased that, after filing a motion to preclude our Client’s statements pursuant to a Miranda violation, the Client will remain free, off probation, and have a misdemeanor rather than felony conviction.

Charges Dismissed in Hampton District Court

Attorney Reis's client was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after visiting a Hampton Beach bar. We are pleased that both charges were dismissed prior to trial.

Charges: Endangering the Welfare of a Child (Three Counts)

We are very pleased that, after a bench trial, the Court found our Client not guilty of all three charges. Our Client was able to return home with a clean record.

Strafford County Theft Case Dismissed

We are pleased that in December of 2019, after carefully examining the evidence in our client's case, we were able to determine that the individual captured in a surveillance video was not our client. As a result, the prosecutor dismissed our client's felony theft charge in Strafford County Superior Court.

Hampton District Court- Domestic Violence Assaults Placed on File Without a Finding

We are pleased that our client's two domestic violence simple assault charges were placed on file without a finding (no conviction was entered) conditioned upon 6 months good behavior (not committing a crime or major motor vehicle offense).

February 2020 Case Dismissed: Class A Felony Theft

We are happy to announce that our client's felony A theft case was dismissed in Carroll Superior Court. The Client can continue his job and does not face the stress of a trial.

Client Avoids Further Jail and Probation in Drug Case

We are pleased that our client was able to avoid further incarceration and probation supervision in his drug case. The client will be able to continue his treatment despite a previously being sentenced to the state prison.

April & May 2020: Two Unlawful Possession of Alcohol Cases Dismissed

In Strafford County, we are pleased that two young people, over 18, but under 21 have had their unlawful possession of alcohol cases dismissed and are on track to do great things with a clean record.

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