Lisa Greenwaldt

Phone: (603) 218-1910

Investigator and paralegal Lisa Greenwaldt has worked tirelessly for the last 23 years in indigent criminal defense at both the New Hampshire Public Defender (NHPD) and with the Conflict Case Administration (CCA). She is intimately familiar with the criminal defense system in New Hampshire including courts, clerks, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and clients. Lisa has been described by long-time colleagues including several lawyers as a “bloodhound” and “is unflagging in her efforts to assure that the interests of the client are given the highest priority.”

As an investigator, Lisa has worked on thousands of cases in every type of criminal matter ranging from juveniles to thefts to rape and murder. Lisa was lead investigator on 10 homicides and on dozens of other high-profile, high-stakes cases. In this role, Lisa interviewed clients, witnesses, expert witnesses, and victims. She regularly spoke with and coordinated expert witnesses and attended evaluations with clients. Lisa can prepare, catalog, and digest medical, technical and file information for expert review. She routinely serves subpoenas, researches and collects records, prepares exhibits for court, prepares social histories, and mitigation reports.

Lisa can handle large caseloads while making each client feel like they are her only priority. Lisa knows that being charged with, or even accused of, a crime is a terrifying and life-changing event. She has an uncanny ability to connect and interact with clients. Lisa is a tenacious and loyal advocate for her clients.

At the CCA, Lisa worked in conjunction with the New Hampshire Judicial Council and assigned thousands of criminal cases to contract counsel, performed conflict resolutions, managed contract caseloads of up to 35 firms, and completed monthly reporting to law firms, the New Hampshire Judicial Council, and New Hampshire Public Defender. Lisa acted as liaison between clients, courts, attorneys, NHPD, and the Judicial Council on issues relating to the indigent defense appointment process.

Prior to her work in criminal defense, Lisa was an Auditor/Junior Accountant at a billion-dollar company and in five years was responsible for saving over $4 million in freight charges while auditing all bills to ensure vendor compliance. Lisa also processed all company-related insurance claims regarding freight issues; completed analysis of sales groups monthly expenditures versus budgets, completed profitability reporting for sales groups and evaluation aging reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, created and was responsible for the allotment of Quarterly Outside Sales Incentive Program, assisted with the budgeting for Sales and General and Accounting Groups; acted as liaison between the Traffic and Global Logistics Departments, and Finance, and completed numerous special projects for the Chief Financial Officer.

Lisa has an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies and Certificate in Criminal Justice. She has attended numerous trainings and has presented at statewide trainings to lawyers, investigators, and support staff. Lisa mentored and trained numerous interns and newly hired investigators.

Lisa loves the beauty of New England and weather-permitting can be found outdoors exploring the rail trails, the beaches, or the mountains. On most weekends, Lisa can be found spending time with her grandsons (preferably at Story Land or Santa’s Village). She also spends as much time as she can with her daughter wandering the historical streets of Boston.