New NH Law Requires 10-year Waiting Period to Annul Domestic Violence Convictions

New Hampshire domestic violence convictions have joined DWI convictions requiring those impacted to wait 10 years prior to filing a petition to annul. in RSA 265-A:21 provides no annulment petition may be filed for 10 years after the completion of one's sentence following a DWI conviction. In 2020, HB 1645 was passed requiring the same 10 year waiting period to annul a conviction for domestic violence offenses under RSA 631:2-b. Domestic violence crimes must be against a family or household member or intimate partner under this law. Assault, criminal threatening, and violation of protective order are some common examples of domestic violence offenses. The 10 years is calculated from the conclusion of one's sentence including any good behavior period, not from the date of conviction. Hundreds are people are impacted by this new law. Feel free to call 603-218-1910 or e-mail

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