Stopped For Speeding? Fac…

Stopped For Speeding? Facts to Know.

NH RSA 265:60, Speed Limitations, is a common violation that harms clients through negative impacts on insurance, commercial drivers licensure (CDL), habitual offender points, fines and more. This statute lays out fine schedules and default speed lim… Read More
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White House inserts itself into NCAA NIL Issue

Last Friday, White House spokesman Judd Deere stated, “the White House wants to make sure NCAA student athletes are treated fairly without harming the integrity of college sports…Administration officials are in the process of learning more ab… Read More
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Will the NCAA Invoke Title IX to Influence College Athlete Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) Legislation?

New Hampshire’s HB 1505 has progressed through the Education Committee at the House of Representatives. It is less dense than California’s Fair Pay to Play Act that triggered over 20 states to follow suit proposing similar bills. New Hampshire’… Read More
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New Hampshire Marijuana Convictions Easier to Annul

On September 16, 2017, New Hampshire decriminalized possession of under 3/4 ounce of cannabis. Now, anyone with an arrest or conviction for possession of marijuana prior to that will have that arrest or conviction annulled with the help of a New Hamp… Read More
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NH Limited Driving Privileges After DWI Conviction: Cost/Benefit Analysis

In 2016, RSA 263:57-b allowed certain drivers convicted of DWI in New Hampshire to seek a hardship or cinderella license 45 days after conviction. On its face, this seems like a good idea because prior to this law, no driver could regain their licens… Read More
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Dissection of New Hampshire's College Athlete Name, Image & Likeness Bill

California’s passage of the Fair Pay to Play Act (SB 206) started a ripple effect of similar bills being proposed around the country even though its effective date is 2023. Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang have rece… Read More
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What is the difference between criminal recklessness and negligence? 

N.H. Supreme Court Analysis of Criminal Recklessness and Negligence There are four common criminal mental states: purposely, knowingly, recklessly, and negligently. Deciding whether the State has proven the alleged mental state is often more difficul… Read More
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NCAA Takes College Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Fight to D.C.

It appears our November 6 blog post questioning the NCAA’s about face to support name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights after California passed its Fair Pay to Play Act. The previous NCAA Board of Governors’ vote unanimously supported, albeit vag… Read More
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10 Things to Know About DWI Testing

Your driver’s license cannot be administratively suspended for refusing Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) as it can for refusing a breath or blood test. However, it is important to understand that your consciousness of guilt by refusing any… Read More
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One Year Later: New Hampshire's New 2019 Laws

As we began December 2019 with a New Hampshire snowstorm, let’s examine some of the laws that were new to the Granite state this year. The most pertinent new law to most citizens of the Granite State prohibited slow drivers from the left lane on hi… Read More
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