First time having to hire a lawyer and I hired the best!

August 26, 2021-Hampton District Court.

I was pulled over for something that was overlooked 10 years ago. I was cited with a class A misdemeanor, despite the troopers insistence that if I just paid the reinstatement fee it would go away. I received a letter in the mail the Saturday before my case conference stating that I was facing jail time for something that I believed was taken care of 10 years ago. I had 4 days to find a lawyer. Kevin was the second lawyer I called as another firm couldn’t help on such short notice. He was quick listen and jump into action. He was able to get the misdemeanor dropped to a traffic level violation. Which meant zero jail time for me! He was quick to answer my emails and phone calls and did a good job preparing for my court date. I’m happy that I’m finally able to close those chapter of my life. Thank you Kevin for your patience and professionalism. I would recommend you to anyone who needed a criminal defense lawyer in NH.